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In the last few years, the changes I have gone through in my life have brought interesting learnings for me. One of the more precious is that it would be meaningless, or absurd to resist adversity. That doesn’t mean that I would not try to understand or work with it, it means that I do not oppose to it to the point that I allow it to consume me until it exhausts me.

Successful people seem to bounce back from adversity faster than others. Somehow, in facing what others would call  failure, they find their inner strength and become more than they were before. How quickly they recover from disappointment, difficulties, sadness or pain, can determine how readily they are to re-establish their  position of confidence and well-being.

Thus, resilient individuals choose not to let difficulties delimit who they are. Quite often people define themselves by what they do and not by who they are. This is not very helpful when facing a setback.  It is better to adopt and train yourself into acquiring a new stance in life, that will support you face the challenges that may arise.

Here are four steps that you can apply to lead yourself out of any challenging situation:

  1. Keep a Positive Mindset. Every situation is only temporary. That goes for both extremes, good and not so good. The only thing that matters is how you behave during those instances.  And if your purpose is constantly to improve and to evolve, you will need to actively seek for the learnings that those situations bring. That is where all the meaning is. And be reassured,  those learnings are waiting for you in every corner.

  2. Open up. Instead of closing down, becoming defensive and be worried, seek feedback, ask for help, and risk being vulnerable and authentic. This attitude in life makes every situation more manageable and accelerates the process of learning.

  3. See the full picture. Step back, even in the moment, and see the situation from a broader perspective. That will bring clarity and new understanding. Resilient people demonstrate flexibility in a smart way, and shift through multiple vantage points, which allows them to maneuver successfully and emerge strong again.

  4. Dynamically act. Do not sit there pondering for too long. Nothing will change just by thinking.  Determine a best first step and take it. That courage will propel you into action, generate new alternatives, allow you to regain traction and renew your confidence.

  5. Remember who you are.  Unexpected things happen in life. Situations are fluid. Nevertheless, you must stay grounded.  Events do not have the power to swept you away, if you do not let them.   Stay focused on your intent, your goals, your strengths and achievements.  These will keep you moving forward and make you able to navigate through any torments.

Nicole Mantzikopoulou, March 2019

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Every so often I ask my clients and my students to pose for a minute and take a deep breath. I do that when I see them stressed, overwhelmed, frustrated. I know all too well, that In today’s fast paced world, it’s hard to be in the reality of the present moment - which is all we have - and very easily, we get distracted by the demands of the day to day, so we end up disconnected from our true essence.

The worse thing about being in that situation is that we mainly connect with a sense of fear, contraction, sadness, disappointment, confusion and other limiting emotions and thoughts that push us to just get by. We feel a constant struggle and restrict our capacity to be our own true selves, share our gifts, make love to life and embrace all the magic that it can offer to us. 

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Sometimes in life, one idea is enough to shake our whole existence. That idea was for me that every thought I make, shapes my present and my future. That every thought I make, gives my brain a command about what it should bring into my perspective.

When you try out this idea and are convinced that it does work, you are in a better position to understand, not only how did you get where you are, but also, how you can change everything to the better, focusing on empowering thoughts and finding the energy to design a new strategy that will lead to your goals.

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UNCERTAINTY & EVOLUTION - The balance that haunts us

UNCERTAINTY & EVOLUTION - The balance that haunts us

Quite often, I meet people who feel that something is missing out in their lives and set their intention to go ahead and get it. But I soon realize that, with the exception of some flashing moments, they are not really willing to do what is required, and so they continue to spend their lives on moaning and sorrow for what is not happening - even if deep down they are aware that it is up to them to take the steps needed. I understand this behavior. It is difficult to part from the habits and the "image" of life that have accompanied them for many years. All the more so when this image is constantly being validated by their environment. 

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Detachment & Empathy, the challenging duet !

Detachment & Empathy, the challenging duet !

Prerequisite towards meaningful support of self and others

I am often asked how I come up with my next article. I smile and answer that it is my experience on the moment that always dictates the theme. So, this time I am talking about detachment and empathy, as I came repeatedly across the challenges that people encounter in applying them in their everyday life.

Detachment and empathy are possibly among the most misunderstood behaviors or most difficult to exercise. It is hard for people to grasp how they can care for something or someone, and still be detached from what that person or the situation is creating or even yet, how they can show empathy for situations that are not related to their own experience. 

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You want a better New Year? Well, it is up to you!

You want a better New Year? Well, it is up to you!

It is quite common, on the first days of January, some people to be very focused on properly recording their goals. They write, rewrite, correct, add, remove things in their list. This period helps make them feel strong and hopeful, since a new year is just starting, and the goals set promise it will be amazing.

Ι was also in that mood, when I saw a cartoon of Quinto on Mafalda, which was confiding in the reader: “It is not the new year that needs to be better, it is you”.

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Are you living on Purpose or hiding in Fear?

Are you living on Purpose or hiding in Fear?

That is a critical question, because when you dare to answer it honestly and firmly, you are deciding about the rest of your life. And it is ok whatever that decision might be, as long as it is a conscious one.
You might feel you don’t belong in your job.

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Feeling Abundant is the beginning of it all

Feeling Abundant is the beginning of it all

As we are well into the holiday’s season, we all get in a behavior of spending, to secure we are going to be aligned with the festivities. Nevertheless, it is interesting to watch some patterns as they block our potential for joy. And yes, what would be more appropriate to talk about at this period, than abundance?

Abundance is one of my favorite subjects, as, when you conquer the feeling of abundance, you are setting yourself prepared to conquer the world. Nothing is impossible if you feel free, satisfied and ready to focus on your development, your evolution, your growth. You are doing things, not because you need them and your well-being depends on them, but because they help you move to the next level in your life.

Abundance is a mindset, a way of seeing your reality. And like any mindset, it is also a choice, a choice that you can make right now, in this moment, and every day of your life.

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Coaching Training Announced

We are very excited to inform you that our True-me® Breakthrough Coaching Academy’s one-year journey, is starting at new!

We are preparing ourselves to start with new students a period of a step-by-step  transformation, so that they can become the best Coaches they can be and support others to expand beyond their current expectations and achieve their most valued goals. 

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You want TRUE change in your life or your career? Then you are in the right place.


4 reasons to become a True-me® Breakthrough Coaching Academy Coach

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Joy is one of my very favorite parts of being alive. Joy resonates with every cell in our body because it is our original state, what we were created to feel and to live in. I actually think it’s probably everybody’s favorite thing; they just maybe haven’t given it that name yet.

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I’m a bit of a workaholic. Okay, that might be an understatement. I’m a lifelong, die-hard workaholic, and business is addictive to me.

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Creative visualization is an excellent method that is gaining acceptance in the scientific community because of the ease of its implementation, its wide accessibility and availability to each of us and of course,  the immediacy of its results. Moreover, it can be a very enjoyable or even a fun process. 


Creative visualization is the process in which you use your imagination to formulate what you are looking to experience, aiming to  gradually gain familiarity with “the energy” of this experience and finally attract it. This technique orientates your brain (conscious and subconscious) toward your aspirations and your dreams, even if they seem unattainable to you at the moment. Essentially, you send messages to your mind, clearly defining your goals and objectives and thereby mobilizing the mechanisms necessary for identifying opportunities and forming attitudes that will lead to the achievement of your objectives. 


As the scientific community confirms,  our universe is pure energy.    Everything in the universe is energy and everything is surrounded by a magnetic field. Consequently, all our thoughts and feelings have their own magnetic energy and attract energy of the same quality and vibration. 

We use very often the phrase "you will reap what you sow", stating the substance of these processes in the universe. Many of us, however, do not realize this truth  in the sense expressed here. The message is very simple: In our lives, we attract whatever we think of the most often and  whatever we believe in the most, whether it is positive or not. This means that we might attract whatever we fear and want to avoid the most,  if we constantly think about it.  


It is important to understand that the process of creative visualization is performed in deep levels of consciousness. Although dreaming and thinking positively is legitimate, and is the initial action in the process of change and evolution, it is not enough. Creative visualization includes exploring, discovering and changing our approach and attitude towards life. It is another statement  we are making to ourselves  that we are taking responsibility of our lives.  Applying it regularly may lead us to deep and meaningful progress and development. 

The process of visualization seeks to let the person enter a state of relaxation and maintain it, because in a state like this, the frequency of brain waves changes and becomes slower and deeper. This level of brain waves is called level A. 

Level A is a very healthy state of consciousness in which you can change or even create your own reality. In this state, your brain is not able to perceive if something is happening in your environment, or if you are imagining it. When entering this visualization process, you can guide your thoughts and feelings to create the vibration you desire.


There are two different kinds of creative visualization. The first is demonstrative, guided visualization, in which we receive guidance in creating internal representations (images, sounds, smells, etc.) and the second is energetic visualisation in which we create internal representations that reflect what we want to experience. 

Not all people envision in the same way: others see clear images; others think or have the impression that they can feel these images. There is no right or wrong way to do this. Whatever your way, it is the right one for you and this is the way you will be able to achieve the results you want.

This process is completely safe as nothing can be done, that would be harmful to you. It is a process that you create and control by using your intellectual capabilities. You are completely safe. 

Visualisations  are aimed for our inner self and this why they are always in the first person. As with all things, practice makes perfect and will create familiarity and comfort when using them. 

Choose whichever meditation methodology  fits your present issues or goals and repeat it every day, consistently, at least for one week. Let yourself enjoy the journey that has so much to offer you and watch yourself slowly enter another plane of thought. Soon, you will see your feelings change; you will be more positive and motivated to take action, which in turn will bring you to the path you have chosen.

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Some Breakthrough, empowering questions which shall transform your life!

Some Breakthrough, empowering questions which shall transform your life!

If lately you have been feeling that you deserve something more than the life you are currently living, then this article was written for you and the questions which I will set, shall help you open a new way of possibilities and witness things from a different angle. 

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If you started reading this article, congratulation. You have proven that you want your kids to have a wonderful life in financial terms and you are taking action to achieve it. For that to happen, though, they need to be taught some few lessons regarding the mindset and the practice that will lead them there.

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Thinking of Changing Career or job? What a scary, confusing, exhilarating experience it is!

Thinking of Changing Career or job?   What a scary, confusing, exhilarating experience it is!

Most of us are getting back from holidays and the transformation that Summer can bring. Yes, a new season is starting. For me, this is marked by the fact that I receive innumerable request to work with people that wish to make a career change- possibly due to my having done exactly that, 6 years ago. Although there is lots of ground to cover when we are to search or do such a big change in our life - internal work, I mean, with ourselves - I am including here some things that you should try to invest upon, to prepare for such a change.

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What could be keeping you from becoming who you want to be financially


This is one of the most common questions that people come to me with.  And it is also a souce of concern when I see articles in the internet with the title “How to Get Rich in a Blink of an Eye”.I am always concerned when I see articles in the internet with the title “How to Get Rich in a blink of an eye”. This overpromise can prove to be quite misleading and disappointing.

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There is no path to Happiness, Happiness is the path

no way to happiness shutterstock 304588580


10 tips to get into and walk the path of happiness everyday

All of us have experienced a "life is beautiful" momentum at some point of our lives, probably as a result of material abundance, achievement of some sort or the presence of particular people and circumstances in our lives. That is, due to external factors. Unfortunately, many events of current society (financial depression, terrorist attacks, diseases and other mischiefs) make that feeling increasingly more aloof, as most of us feel lost, frustrated, fearful or even desperate.

So the question is, why we cannot retain happiness?

Many reasons can be responsible for this. But, probably the most important is that we have been trained – systematically - on how to be unhappy.


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The Audacious Adventure Of Self-Love

 shutterstock 289622150

I am excited to write an article based on the thoughts that were born as a stimulus from the random discussions I have had in the last few days. Those of you who know me personally are well aware of my opinion about luck: it just does not exist. Everything has a purpose, everything happens for a reason. In the same way, every discussion I enter these days had a purpose –to inspire the content of this article.

Recently a friend asked me what in my opinion is the characteristic that defines me more in my life and that has supported me to succeed consistently my life goals.

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The Great Gift Behind Every Crisis

The Great Gift Behind Every Crisis

In recent years, a very large number of people on the planet have been facing serious challenges in their everyday life, and unfortunately people in Greece - my home country - are no exception.

Many despair as they claim they are unable to control the difficult circumstances and events of their external environment. This victimizing approach make them lose their orientation and feel trapped

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