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You're at the beginning of the year 2020. What a beautiful sound it has! You are in a good mood and can imagine that many wonderful things will happen to you. However, it is only when you consciously set your intentions and goals that you begin to walk towards them.

You have heard me saying that everything in the universe is energy. So, it's important to determine now the 'energy' you want to move to this year. This way, as you travel forward, you will come across what you have defined today, as purposeful creators. By doing this, you are preparing yourself for success, for development and for gaining the ability to understand and overcome adversities, if they appear along the way.

2019 might have been a year of many personal challenges, which required a lot of internal work. Those years are very useful, because they prepare you for the good things to come. 2020 can be the year of clarity and creation.

So, here is what I propose you do to get ready for the wonderful new year:

1. First of all, as we said before, think about the energy you want to attract. Choose the "essence" of what you want to experience, in every area of ​​your life – body/health, finances, personal relationships, business/career, family, friends. What is the feeling you want to dominate in your life? Freedom? Joy? Recognition? Serenity? Abundance? Love? Acceptance? After you select it, give your year a title. I, for example, have titled 2020 as "The Year of Love".Give yourself a title in the coming year, to remind you of the deeper meaning of the experiences you seek to get.

2. Then, it is important to decide what your goals are for the year to come, the 3 priorities of your life. This will help you keep focus and align throughout the year. Thus, when situations that are often interesting and distracting come up – and they have nothing to do with the priorities you set – you do not fall in their trap and do not scatter your energy, but stay centered, so you can create the things that really make sense to you.

3. The third thing I suggest you do is to think about how you want to be, on December 31, 2020. See your future self as she/she stands happy and flooded with the energy you set out today. He/she is experiencing happiness as all of his/her goals are fulfilled and he/she is immersed in the energy -the essence- you determine as your goal today.

With these few steps, you are consciously influencing your future and make it to be what you want it to be. 

So, I wish you a wonderful, happy and fulfilled 2020!  and I look forward to you sharing your successes with me (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), so that we move forward together in shaping the life we ​​deserve - and inspire also others to do the same!

Happy New Year!

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What are you truly ready to do, to achieve your goals?



It is almost the end of the year. You do a quick check and you acknowledge that you have achieved

some of your goals, whilst others were missed. And although you want to feel good and celebrate the

first, it is the second that gain your focus. 


What are the reasons that you did not manage to achieve all of your goals?

If you are pondering upon that question, let me aid your thinking with some possible answers:

  • Sometimes it is that you do not put all the energy, perseverance, and faith in yourself and your abilities. We do not truly – deep inside, that is – believe that it is possible to attain what you want, or even worse, that you deserve to have that positive experience. These thoughts – of course – can be very private, very deep, very subtle, very subconscious.

    Nevertheless, you must know that the mere fact that these thoughts exist is enough to block the outcome you desire. The lack of faith shows a negative disposition towards life and denotes that you are not ready to receive its gifts. However, you push and demand, and get annoyed when things do not happen, and usually blame the circumstances, or other people for that failure. 

  • You are not really ready to invest in what you say you want. Maybe your goal needs some sacrifices from your side – that being your time or your routine – or putting an extra effort, getting out of your comfort zone or thinking out of the box. Maybe the daily reality of yours is so familiar or feels so cozy, that you are not prepared to change it. And there is nothing wrong with that, as long as you realize, that if you do not act for change, things will remain the same. Accept it is your actions that will determine your experience and if you are not ready to alter them, it is your choice and your decision. No one else’s. That might give you knowledge and acceptance of where you are and take out the blame and the sorrow. Remember, the only person that can create magic is you. Do not expect other people to do it for you- they just cannot.

Accepting full responsibility of what you are bringing to your life, although at first might feel scary or    unfair, can be a very liberating and empowering experience. When you accept that simple reality, you can start shaping your actions, and gain the happiness, exuberance and fulfillment that being the master of your life will bring. 

You must acknowledge that your power of manifestation has no boundaries. Your potential is unlimited. The only boundaries are the ones that you inflict, when you allow inferior emotions—fear, doubt, uncertainty, mistrust, etc.—to get the best of you. 

When you become aligned with your possibilities, there is no fear, and that is when you will feel deeply and truly free!

Once you are in sync with this reality, you will realize that the biggest achievements and successes are not the result of effort, pressure or coercion, but rather the fluid, magnetic qualities of grace and peace. And you have all your current and past achievements to testify positively about that. 

Thus, I encourage you to do the test, write your list and verify what are your own blocks. Mind though, you will need to dismantle them before you are able to attain what you want. Thus, the sooner you base your efforts on your own capabilities and intents, the faster you will see the results you want. Others are there to help you and support you, but it is yourself that you should keep accountable. And the benefits of doing so will soon be yours.

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Ιs your Career fulfilling its purpose?


Career can be defined by most as what we do for work every day, so we can pay our bills and take care of our families. However, for some, career is also the path where talents, passion and contribution to the world happens. 

It is true that we all spent most of our time at work or pursuing our career. Actually, some statistics say that we spend more than 90,000 hours of our lives working. So, it must come with no surprise that your health – physical, mental, spiritual – can be drastically affected by what you do every day. 

A balanced career approach will allow you to lead a fulfilling professional and personal life, a fact that is extremely important for your overall wellness. Thus, it becomes crucial to know how to set boundaries at work and in your business so that you always take good care of yourself.

To check where you are on this, spend some time now and take a closer look to what you do:

  • Do you have a career that is passion-driven?
  • Do you create boundaries for rest, grounding, and being balanced in other areas of your life? 
  • If your job is more of a functional part of your life, how do you find passion and fulfillment in other areas of your life? 
  • How do you set boundaries so that nurturing relationships and self-care gets the attention they deserve?

Career and Balance

The Career element can be a tricky one to balance in life, but it is also an element with a high level of rewards.

Although it might depend on the age, the upbringing or the circumstances of an individual, most of us desire to create a work-life balance, in the best ways that we can. No matter whether you love your career, or you hate it, it’s important to find wellness and fulfillment in your life. And since careers often take up so much of our time and energy, they can become all-absorbing if we’re not careful. 

Just remember that your career is about work and effort, but it doesn’t have to only be about that. 

If your work life is stressful and feels negative, it can be hard to thrive in relationships, eat healthfully, and sleep well. The impact of your career on your life is strong and you must ensure that it purposefully formed and executed. 

You can figure out how to bring in the purpose and passion, in ways that work for your lifestyle and needs. Remember, it’s always about working toward that balance that brings well-being.
Here are a few ideas on how to get started in thinking of your Career in a more wholistic way: 

1. Evaluate your current job

Take some time to really sit with your current job and the career path you’re following. Contemplate how your current relationship with your work feels:

  • Do you enjoy what you do for work?
  • Is there anything about it you wish you could change?
  • What steps could you take to make a change?
  • Are there ways you could re-balance your relationship with what you do for work?

2. Explore alternate career paths

Oftentimes, the busyness of life can sweep us in directions we didn’t intend to go. So, it is not rare to find people ten or more years into a career they didn’t consciously choose and don’t really find meaningful. The good thing to know, though, is that It’s never too late to make things a little different and change the outcomes that are not desired! Where can you start from? 

  • Do a brainstorming session with yourself and make a list of other things that you would like to do. Note at least 10 ideas. The more you contemplate them, the closer to making them a reality will feel. 
  • From the above list, choose 1 or 2 things that really makes you feel motivated, expanded, happy. What is the first step you could make, today, towards activating those points? 

3. Make time for other passions

While it’s great to be passionate about work, it’s important to not become a workaholic. Life is big and beautiful, full of amazing things to discover and enjoy. Taking good care of yourself means making sure you don’t only do work.

Let go of time wasters that aren’t bringing you joy, and dive into interests you’ve always wanted to try. Maybe there’s an instrument you’ve always wanted to play, a language you wanted to learn, or a skill you’ve always wanted to master. Find ways to build a meaningful life beyond your career. It will improve your well-being in important and expansive ways.

4. Do a 360 check.

Ensure that other elements of your life – relationships with romantic partner, kids, family, friends, others, finances, sleep, rest, food etc.- are in balance and not negatively impacting your career. For instance, you might notice that perhaps your sleep is challenged and affecting your performance at work. Or maybe your relationships need some work, so you don’t feel emotionally distressed throughout the day.

Finding balance consciously will impact all areas of your life. The more that each element comes into balance, the more that others can also balance out.

Thus, start today by considering the following:

  • Is your career complementing and fulfilling your life and purpose the way you want it to? 
  • Have you allowed for enough space, so that everything in your life is the way you desire?

Do not compromise. Even if these thoughts need some time to be sorted out, to start thinking of them today is a big movement forward.

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Is Your Mindset Influencing Your Success?



Have you ever noticed how sometimes people say they want something in life, they have a goal or want to make a change, but they just never seem to be able to do it? Try as they might, they just seem to be held back by something. You might think it’s their circumstance or maybe a mental block. Or looking at your own life, have you ever noticed how you might create a big goal for yourself, but you don’t seem to be getting there very fast?

That’s because just saying we want something in life is not enough. Even if we go to the next level to get support in achieving what we want, sometimes nothing seems to work for us. What comes into play -besides saying we want something and taking action steps- is also a hidden element: our programming.

Our programming can also be referred to as our mindset. What are the thoughts, behaviors and ways of relating to this world that make you think and act as you do? 

Each person is unique. Two people can have the same goals and same circumstances, but one person achieves their goal while another does not. The hidden element of our mindset is something we need to look at for ourselves.

The Conscious Mind vs. Subconscious Mind

Before we can understand our programming or get to the core of our issues, we must first understand the difference between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind.

Most people go through life without really understanding why they do what they do or what makes them operate. We tend to live at the conscious level, noticing just what’s happening to us on the physical level. What we don’t realize is that we essentially have our own internal operating system, which is driving all that we do. And if we can dig deep and get a clear picture of how we operate, we not only get to better understand ourselves, we also get to make better decisions and choices for our lives. We will have a better understanding of how we operate, and we can then work with it, rather than against it.

The conscious mind is whatever you are aware of in the present moment. The conscious mind can be characterized by your thoughts.

The subconscious mind is whatever you are not aware of in the present moment. The subconscious mind can be characterized by both our deep thoughts and feelings.

Understand Yourself 

Take a moment to experience both your conscious mind and subconscious mind at work. You’ll need a blank piece of paper and pen for this exercise. On one side of the paper write “Conscious Mind”. On the other side write “Subconscious Mind”.

As you read these words, you are using your conscious mind. Stop for a moment. Notice the constant running of thoughts that are still there. Write down the thoughts you are experiencing at this exact moment on the “Conscious Mind” side of your paper.

Perhaps you wrote: “I am writing this down because I am being told to.” Or, “I like learning about the brain.” Or, “I wonder where this is going.”

These thoughts are your conscious mind at work. Your conscious mind allows you to process the external world around you.

The subconscious mind, on the other hand, is the processing of your internal world. To get in touch with the internal takes a little more work. Some people find this very difficult to do, so don’t worry if you have trouble with this portion of the exercise.

Before accessing the subconscious mind, write down one of the following questions of your choice on the top of your paper on the “Subconscious” side:

  • Who am I?
  • What do I need right now?
  • What am I most afraid of?
  • What am I really feeling right now?

Let go of the question you chose for now. To access your subconscious mind, sit quietly for a few minutes. Breathe in and out deeply. Notice your breath. Notice each time you inhale and exhale. If you experience a thought, let it roll off the top of your mind. Come back to your breath. Notice any sounds around you—birds chirping, the wind blowing, your refrigerator humming, the neighbor kids playing in the background. Breathe in and out deeply for another minute. Then open your eyes, read your question, and write down the first things that come to you.

Your answer may surprise you. It may not be something you have considered before. Or perhaps you felt your conscious mind taking over and answering instead. In any case, the subconscious mind was working to deliver an internal answer to the question.

If you feel the process is very difficult for you, or even impossible, to be able to move your life forward, ask for the support of an expert, ask for the support of a Coach. He/she will know to guide you on the path beyond your personal blockages and towards real solutions, so that you can reach your full potential and achieve your goals.

Nicole Mantzikopoulou, Sept 2019

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As we are into the holidays season, it is important  to realize the role of rest in our life.

Generally, it’s really hard to improve our physical wellness when other parts of our life might be under stress or unhealthy. For example, if your job is causing you to stress or you’ve lost your excitement for what you do, you might find that it is difficult to rest. But if you can find a new way to view work or make a change that allows you to love what you do, resting becomes much easier and deep. 

But it also works the other way around: one of the elements that can support  you to gain perspective on your life’s situation is the element of rest - a  cornerstone issue for many.


Discussing rest is crucial when it comes to wellness. Nevertheless, the overall attitude toward rest is to try to minimize it as much as possible. We put value on getting more done, being more productive, and being more efficient - and we have lost our value for rest. Our quality and quantity of rest have decreased, causing many problems ranging from minor health issues to major challenges.

When we think of resting, we often think of sleeping. That can include going to bed at night or it might also include thinking of a midday nap. Generally, we all know that sleep affects the rest of our lives in major ways, and those who suffer from insomnia and ongoing sleep issues feel this the most acutely.

When we’re sleeping well most nights, we’re able to get more done and feel more vibrant during the day. But when we’re having issues getting enough quality sleep every night, we’re going to really struggle to get through the day.

But when we’re talking about rest, we mean more than just sleep. Rest is a bigger idea than that. It’s all about valuing our self-care practices. Rest also includes our downtime and the ways that we intentionally slow down. It’s all about taking time to enjoy a hobby, relaxing entertainment, or restful activities. Rest is about the things we can do to release stress, calm our bodies, and power down our minds for a while.


So you know that rest is critical to your overall well-being and wellness practice. But how do you find ways to get more quality rest? Here are some great ideas to help you find more restfulness.

1. Consider how you are sleeping.

Since a good night’s sleep is crucial to our overall practice of rest, it makes sense to start there. Everyone needs a set number of hours of sleep each night, usually between 6-9 hours. We’re all a little bit different, so the exact number of hours will individually vary. Depending on how much stress we’re juggling in our lives, our personal needs for sleep might increase or decrease, as well.

It’s important to give your sleep some attention. Do you feel like you’re getting enough quality sleep every night? Or are you getting enough sleep, but not feeling rested? Do you have a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep? After a night’s rest, do you have enough energy for the day or do you always feel like you’re dragging? What kinds of things can you do to make sleep easier for you?

2. Increase the time you spend doing self-care.

Taking care of ourselves is something that is seriously minimized in our modern worlds. We’ve all got long to-do lists and we frantically rush through our days trying to get it all done. But the old adage of filling your own cup so that you can fill others’ still applies. We’re never going to feel satisfied with our lives or be able to achieve our goals if we’re running on empty.

Time is always a factor when it comes to self-care. One way to create more time is to subtract things that you don’t need to be doing and that aren’t giving you anything of value. You can also find things that you’re doing that maybe you could do some time in the future instead. Self-care is worth prioritizing, so take some time to analyze your schedule to find ways to reduce your demands. Then plug in as much self-care and rest time as you possibly can.

3. Pay attention to your energy levels.

You might be one of the lucky ones who sleep well and then wake up energized and ready to start your day. Or you might wake up dragging from the first moment your feet hit the floor. Notice your energy levels at the beginning of the day, but also pay close attention to how they change throughout the day.

Do you feel exhausted by lunchtime? Are you loading up on caffeine just to get through the day? Are you dragging all day long and then lying in bed wide awake at night? Keep a journal to keep track of your energy levels, then compare it to other activities and the food you’re eating to discover patterns and correlations.

4. Check in with other aspects of life.

Oftentimes, our quality and quantity of rest are directly affected by other aspects of our lives. If you’re struggling through a bad patch with your boss, your partner or your kid, it might be really hard to sleep at night. It is true that many parameters can be making it hard for us to go to sleep and to stay asleep. And in the same way, they can also make us feel less motivated to engage in self-care, right during a time when we might need it  the most.

So go take a look and think about how other elements might be pushing your element of Rest out of balance. Is there a relationship you need to work on to bring you more peace of mind? Is there anything you need to do but you are constantly postponing  because you do not know how to start? Do you need to work on your nutrition and cut back on caffeine? What parts of your life could use some attention?


Taking good care of yourself is essential to achieving wellness. This includes focusing on resting more, giving yourself better self-care, and ensuring that your sleep each night is restful. It’s crucial to think of your rest and sleep patterns. This will help you support your overall goals. You’ll also feel much better in the short term and the long term.

It’s important to note that using electronics is not a true form of self-care.  Playing on your phone, watching television or engaging in social media might feel like a mental break from something else you are working on, but it’s more of a “numbing out” rather than a “tuning in” to what our body and mind needs.  While using electronics might feel relaxing, it is not truly restorative.

Find here some ideas of what you can do to rest:

  1. Write in your journal
  2. Make a delicious, nutritious meal
  3. Take a bath with salts and essential oils
  4. Read a book
  5. Sketch, color, or paint
  6. Listen to music
  7. Listen to an audiobook
  8. Listen to an inspirational podcast
  9. Go for a walk around your neighborhood
  10. Take a hike in the woods
  11. Leisurely bike on a country road
  12. Take up bird watching
  13. Knit, crochet, cross-stitch or sew something for a friend
  14. Color in a coloring book made for adults
  15. Create dream boards with paper or on Pinterest
  16. Kick back and daydream
  17. Put together a puzzle.
  18. Meditate or do a guided visualization.
  19. Do some restorative yoga
  20. Go for a drive in the country
  21. Take up a sport that’s relaxing, like golf or swimming.
  22. Play an instrument in a leisurely way
  23. Sing a song you love
  24. Take a nap
  25. Get outside and garden
  26. Take care of indoor potted plants
  27. Do paper crafts, like cardmaking
  28. Write about something meaningful
  29. Write a poem
  30. Do nothing in particular

Holidays are a great opportunity to start a new pattern on rest. And after that period, you must continue including rest habits in your every day, to achieve a better balance in your life.  You owe it to yourself.

Nicole Mantzikopoulou, July 2019



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