I believe that all people deserve to live an empowered and happy life, filled with achievements and personal growth. That orientation has driven me to dedicate myself to supporting all who wish to reach their higher potential. And it is the same purpose that led me to design the program of True-me®Breakthrough Coaching Academy.


The reason this information has reached you might be that you are looking for the next step in your life, as well as becoming more self-confidence, more abundant, gain greater personal freedom and feel empowered. Coaching is a career that can fulfill these goals and more. And while it is true that a few years ago becoming a professional coach was not exactly a popular choice, this trend has now been eliminated and more and more people are following this path around the world.

Coaching is a continuous, cooperative, result-oriented relationship between coach and client, designed to help people move from where they are today to where they want to be. Because the focus of the effort is to move forward without being stuck in the past, more 

and more people are hiring a Coach at every stage of their lives: whether they want to move on with their studies, start dynamically their adult life, make a career change, transition to a new business, reassess options, clarify values, or simply create more harmony in their personal or professional relationships.

A Coach's role is to firmly hold the vision of a desired outcome, even when the client's current circumstances do not yet show positive evidence of it.

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A Coach interacts with their clients from a place where he/she understands their abilities and helps them to see with clarity everything that is happening - even seemingly obstacles and difficulties - as necessary steps towards achieving their goals.

That's why the greatest gift a Coach can offer is the gift of an objective and wider perspective.

In the times we live, with the everyday, numerous and demanding situations happening in our life, it is easy to get disoriented, or allow a bad day to stop our development. In such cases, the existence of a coach is invaluable. A session at regular intervals (weekly, bimonthly, and monthly) gives a person the chance to remember the big picture; to reconnect with own external goals and to become more aware of the internal resources he/she already has gathered to help realize them.

When the focus on the future is lacking, usually a person will default to the feelings, beliefs and perspectives that have been accumulated from the past. And when the past - and not the future - defines the choices in the present, it will recycle the same predictable results and therefore the same predictable problems, again and again.

Working with a Coach will give individuals access to a reliable technology for identifying the future they want, and then allow them to guide their thoughts and actions- and most importantly - the way they will feel. As they begin to cultivate beliefs and make choices that is consistent with the future they want to live, they will be able to identify the chances and capabilities that were always there, but were impeded by a blurred perspective.