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Creative visualization is an excellent method that is gaining acceptance in the scientific community because of the ease of its implementation, its wide accessibility and availability to each of us and of course the immediacy of its results. Moreover, it can be a very enjoyable or even a fun process.


Creative visualization is the process in which you use your imagination to formulate what you are looking to experience, to create intimacy with this experience and gradually to attract it. This technique orientates your brain (conscious and subconscious) toward your aspirations and your dreams, even if they seem unattainable to you at the moment. Essentially, you send messages into your mind, clearly defining your goals and objectives and thereby mobilizing the mechanisms nnecessary for identifying opportunities and forming attitudes that will lead to the achievement of your objectives.


This phenomenon is confirmed if we examine it through the scientific lenses that state that our Universe is pure energy. Everything in the universe is energy and everything is surrounded by a magnetic field. Consequently, all our thoughts and feelings have their own magnetic energy and attract energy of the same quality and vibration.

Many times we use the phrase "you will reap what you sow", stating the substance of these processes in the Universe. Many of us, however, do not realize this truth in the sense expressed. The message is very simple: In our lives, we attract whatever we think of the most and we believe in the most, whether it is positive or not. This means that we attract whatever we fear and want to avoid the most because by constantly thinking about something we enlarge and empower it, giving it even more energy.


It is important to understand that the process of creative visualization is performed in deep levels of consciousness. Although dreaming and thinking positively is legitimate, and is the initial action in the process of change and evolution, it is not enough. Creative visualization includes exploring, discovering and changing our approach and attitude towards life. It is another statement we are making to ourselves that we are taking responsibility of our lives. Applying it regularly may lead us to deep and meaningful progress and development.

The process of visualization seeks to let the person enter a state of relaxation and maintain it, because in a state like this, the frequency of brain waves changes and becomes slower and deeper. This level of brain waves is called level A.

Level A is a very healthy state of consciousness in which you can change or even create your own reality. In this state, your brain is not able to perceive if something is happening in your environment, or if you are imagining it. When entering this visualization process, you can guide your thoughts and feelings to create the vibration you desire.


There are two different ways of creative visualization. The first is demonstrative, guided visualization, in which we receive guidance in creating internal representations (images, sounds, smells, etc.) and the second is energetic visualisation in which we create internal representations that reflect what we want to experience. 

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