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The Power of Affimations in Changing Our Life

The Power of Affimations in Changing Our Life

The use of affirmations is an extremely valuable tool to aid you in any life changes you wish to make. The structure and wording used in these statements have been chosen carefully to help you accomplish your aspirations. Every statement is an announcement to yourself, telling you that whatever it is you want is already a reality and puts you in a mental and emotional state that matches your needs. As a result, you are in the position of approaching this desired reality.

When you have practised making affirmations you will soon realise your way of thinking and the way you have been feeling and expressing yourself up until now in unpleasant situations. By choosing new words, a new thought structure and new ways of expression, you can change your energy, your expectations and your outlook on your circumstances. In this way, you will successfully achieve a different outcome.

A statement can be anything you think or say. Every thought and every word you say to yourself or others is a statement. You use them all the time however not always to your knowledge.

What usually happens is that people think or express themselves in a negative way. This leads them to unpleasant emotions, weak actions and questionable results.


You need to pay attention to your thoughts in order to get rid of those that create undesirable experiences. It is very important to realise that your every word is a declaration that attracts and recycles the same situations. That is, every time you get angry you are essentially telling yourself, in your mind, that you want more anger in your life. Every time you feel that you are a victim, you are saying that you want to continue feeling like a victim. Then your mind will lead you into situations where you will be able to experience this feeling again, while what you really want is to stop feeling this emotion.

In order to change your circumstances, you must change the way you think and speak. If you have already checked out other parts of our website or you have already taken part in the seminar how our minds work, then you will have already found information concerning quantum theories in relation to the power of thinking and how it affects our experiences.

The spreading of this information is relatively recent, so it is very likely that your parents are not aware of it. They have taught you to view life in the same way they were taught by their own parents. Therefore, we cannot blame them for this. Now, however, is the time to let go of the past and start creating your life consciously, in a way that pleases you and supports you.

You need to turn your thoughts and your words into new and positive standards. Affirmations are a very powerful and easy tool that leads you to the starting point for change. Essentially by telling yourself that, "I take responsibility, I know there's something I can do to change my life and now will search for and apply it." is in itself is a very strong statement.

When working with affirmations we should consciously choose words that will help us to draw something from life or create something new.

If in the past, you have tried to work with statements, but had no result, try to remember your thoughts on this matter. Were you overcome by doubt? Did you repeat to yourself “Affirmations do not work, at least not on me.” a sentence which is a statement in itself?

If you have had this experience, what is probably happening is that you have not received a full methodology for using affirmations.


Let us look at some tips to make statements have the effect promised.

1) In order for affirmations to work there must be harmony between what you want and what you do and say. That is, if you try to use the statement: "My life is more and more abundant every day" but at the same time you are thinking that you have to pay the bills and are overwhelmed by anxiety, then this statement is not going to work for you. Instead, your thought about your inability to pay your bills with ease, will prevail. This happens because this way of thinking is part of how you were accustomed to seeing your life for many years, which is emotionally compromised.  

Therefore, the first secret is that what you say has to be in harmony with what you feel. How can you achieve this? By repeating the statement of your choice many times over, preferably out loud until you feel the energy that exudes from this statement. If the statement involves abundance, you must repeat this until you feel the abundance, if it concerns health, joy, connection or success, you must repeat it until you feel these emotions surround you. Only then will you know that you have done the exercise correctly.

2) People often use their affirmations once a day and then spend the rest of the day focusing on all the unpleasant thing happening to them. The unpleasant thoughts and statements resulting from this attitude will always prevail because there are more of them and they are emotionally charged.

In order for your affirmations to work immediately and constantly, you must prepare an environment in which they can grow and bear fruit. Imagine that the statements are seeds ready to be planted. If you plant them in infertile ground then you will never see a plant grow. If, however, you plant these seeds in fertile ground then you will soon see the plant begin to grow and bear its fruits.     The ground represents your thoughts. The more often you choose to have thoughts that make you feel good and bring you closer to the emotions you wish to experience, the faster affirmations will work because the ground you have prepared is all the more fertile. The way you choose to think is exactly that; a choice. As soon as you decide to think in a productive and empowering way then your next step should be to stick to your decision and keep practicing this new way of thinking.

3) Follow your train of thought in order to see whether they are in accordance with what you want. If this is hard for you to do, then watch your emotions. How do you feel right now? Do you feel ok? Do you feel bad? Would you like to feel better? Then think of something that makes you feel better. Use one of the positive statements that you can find here. In this way, you can rid yourself of negativity at any time and create the correct circumstances to be able to get better results in your life.

4) Stop focusing on what displeases you. The more you talk about a problem, the more you bring your life to a standstill. Instead, focus on solutions that can be found.

5) Do not waste your thoughts on blame, no one and no situation is in control of your emotions because you are the only one to think your thoughts. Nobody can dominate another, unless this person permits it. Remember that in your life the only rules that apply are those of your own perception and thinking. The things you will experience depend on your way of thinking.

6) Take control of your thoughts. It is the only thing you can control completely. You cannot control the things that happen in your environment, but you can control your thoughts on the matter, your interpretation on what is happening.

Choose to think what you want to experience in your life. Maybe these could be loving thoughts, or thoughts of appreciation, gratitude, or happy moments you have already experienced, or even, thoughts about everything you want to happen in the future and already make you feel excited now. These practical considerations indicate your love for yourself and in turn, your love for yourself creates miracles in your life.

7) Affirmations create a focal point that allows you to start changing the way you think. You only need 17 seconds to change focus and each statement will lead you to the next, becoming even more powerful. Therefore, you can use this knowledge to go from negative to positive.

The positive statements take you beyond the reality you are experiencing now; they proceed to create the future through the words you use in the present. When you choose to say, “I am in abundance”, although you may actually have very little money in the bank right at this moment, you are planting the seeds of your future prosperity. Each time you repeat the statement you give energy to these seeds.

8) It is important to say your statements in the present tense. Usually statements start with “I” or “I am”. If you say “I will have” or “I will be”, then your thoughts will remain in the future.

9) Every positive thought is good for your life. Every negative thought drives away the goodness and keeps just out of reach. Many negative thoughts create a barrier that prevents positive affirmations. If you say, “I do not want to be fat anymore” then this is not a good statement. You need to clearly state what it is you want, such as “I am creating a healthy and energetic body.

What kind of experiences do you imagine would attract an affirmation such as "life is difficult!”? Or “All people want to take advantage of you.” Or “abundance is the privilege of the few”. Of course, it is not life that is difficult, but your thoughts on life that make it difficult. Not all people want to take advantage of you, nor is abundance for the few. However, when you choose to think that way and exclude a different reality, you are limiting your experience to lower levels than those your soul desires.     When you change the way you think, everything in your life changes. So learn to turn negative statements into positive ones.     For example, whenever you realize that a negative thought has entered your head, tell yourself: “This is an old thought. I choose not to think that way anymore.”     Better yet, as soon as you realize that your thoughts are not positive, think the opposite such as what you would like to experience and tell yourself, "Now I choose to think ...... (e.g. “abundance is my own”) and repeat this new thought until it becomes familiar.

10) Do not share your affirmations with people who will challenge, or make fun of you, until you get the results you want. Make the changes you want and soon you will find them asking for your secret.

11) Do not expect your life to change overnight because this can discourage you and make you give up your efforts. Focus on what you want to experience and move on to the selection and adoption of thoughts and quotes that can make you feel faith in the opportunity to move into a new reality. From this point, you will be able to proceed in your choice of action that will help shape the life you want.

You can change your life today and use the affirmations to help you. Start right now repeating to yourself as often as you can:

• “Now I choose to feel good about myself.”

• “I choose to live in joy.”

• “Today I decide to make positive changes in my life.”

• “My life gets better every day.”

• “I now take responsibility for myself and create what I want in life.”  

Here below,  you will find more affirmations organised by categories.  You can adopt those that suits you or you might just use them for inspiration  to make your own statements.


“I always tell others about the good in life”

“I recognize the good in people”

“I am protected, only good things can happen to me”

“I release my negativity; I have a positive disposition on life”

“I face the world with confidence and expect a better future”

“I create a positive environment around me”

“I now choose positive and invigorating thoughts”

“I focus only on positive things happening around me”

“Everything happens for my own good”

“I learn my life lessons and move forward”


“I believe in myself”

“I love myself unconditionally”

“I know better than anyone what is good for me”

“I appreciate, acknowledge and accept myself as I am”

“I release whatever is not good for me”

“I act from the heart”

“I emit confidence and certainty”

“People love me and accept me for who I am”

“I forgive myself. I always do my best.”

“I accept the love of others with joy and gratitude”


“I am worthy”

“I value myself”

“I treat myself with respect”

"I pay attention to my feelings and honour them”

“I honour and take care of myself”

“My behaviour reflects my value”

“I choose to be surrounded by people who respect and appreciate me”

“I trust my inner wisdom”

“I believe in my unlimited capabilities”

“I choose to behave in a way that is consistent with my worthiness”


“I am capable, intelligent and dynamic”

"I express my strength through my positive actions”

“I focus persistently and with gratitude on anything positive that happens”

“I understand the alternatives and choose the right one for me”

“I inspire people around me”

“I radiate kindness and approval”

“Others respect and appreciate me”

“I recognize the beauty and light in others”

“I encourage others to express their truth”

“I have a lot to offer to the world”


“Money flows abundantly in my life”

“Money is my friend and often visits me”

“I am connected to the infinite energy flow of the Universe”

“I am a money magnet”

“Any kind of prosperity now comes to me”

“Wherever I work I am deeply appreciated and richly rewarded”

“I move from thoughts of poverty to thoughts of prosperity and my finances reflect this change”

“I express my gratitude for all the good things that are in my life”

“Life covers all my needs”

“Abundance is my birth right and now I am ready to experience it.”


“The perfect job is looking for me and finds me now."

“Opportunities are everywhere, I have unlimited choices.”

"I deserve to have a successful career and I now accept this”

“My work is the temple of my creation”

“There is mutual respect between me and my colleagues.”

“I express my talents through my work”

“My partners and I encourage the development and success of each other.”

“Collaboration is part of the purpose of my life”

“I am very good at inspiring others and motivating them.”

“My work helps me to broaden my mind and progress”


"I cherish every cell in my body."

"My body is the temple of my soul. I care for it and love it."

"Perfect health is my birth right and I claim it now."

"I am grateful for my healthy body."

"I enjoy food that nourishes and energizes me."

"I make healthy choices. I can always resist temptation if I choose to."

"I and I alone have control over my eating habits."

"My body is now cured."

"I let go of my fear and let my intelligent body heal naturally."

"The quickest way to being healthy is to fill my mind with pleasant thoughts."


"I release every fear and doubt. Life protects me and guides me."

"I create a world without stress for myself."

"The universe always works with me and for me."

"I breathe in and out slowly, with each inhalation I am filled with strength and confidence and with each exhalation, I release stress and negativity."

"I have many skills and I apply them on whatever comes my way."

"I focus on the positive and release anything else."

"I feel more secure every day."

"I can be calm in any situation."

"Everything happens for my own good. I have confidence in life."

"I trust in myself and know that I can face any problem that might occur, effectively."


"I am in the presence of love every day, it pleases me and I enjoy it."

"I reflect and attract love."

"I love myself and show others what it is like to love me."

"I choose to see clearly through eyes of love and I love." what I see.

"I attract love in my life and everything good that life has to offer me."

"Love awaits me at every street corner and joy fills my entire world."

"I am surrounded by love; everything in my life is good."

"I now have a happy romantic relationship with a person who truly loves me."

"I attract only healthy relationships. I get appreciation and respect."

"I am deeply grateful for all the love that exists in my life."


"The past is over and has no power over me."

"I open the door of my heart and through forgiveness I proceed towards love."

"I do not use the past as an excuse anymore. I focus and move dynamically towards creating a better future."

"I release anyone who made me sad; they did the best they could."

 "I give myself the gift of freedom from the past and move on happily now."

"There is no problem, big or small, you cannot solve with love."

"I am ready to heal, I am willing to forgive and now all is well."

"I know that my old childhood wounds no longer compromise me, I now let them go easily."

"I forgive myself for not being perfect. I always do the best I can."

"As I forgive myself, it becomes easier to forgive others."


"I am happy."

"I recognize and appreciate all the happiest moments in my life."

"I am a unique and remarkable person."

"I deserve to live a magnificent, joyous and abundant life."

"I choose to work in the field of my choice."

"I am free to make the choices I want in my life."

"My happiness is contagious."

"I am willing to do whatever brings me happiness."

"I am loving and kind to myself."

"I paint a happy picture for my future."


Change your beliefs and your reality will change.