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  • True-me® Breakthrough Coaching Academy
    A new cycle for our amazing Breakthrough Coaching Academy is starting on March 2019. If you are wondering about the next step in your life or your career, as well as how to become more self-confidence, more abundant, gain greater personal freedom and feel empowered, you have found the answer.…
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  • Silatha - an amazing journey of balance and inner strengh
    YOU CAN NOW CREATE THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF ! We each have many beautiful inner qualities. Some of them, you might desire to further grow. For example, love for yourselves, "letting go" or to just growing your patience. By further evolving your inner qualities, you live life more fulfilled,…
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  • "Why Hasn't Anyone Told Me?" Our founder's book available now from Balboa Press
    An insightful practical and empowering coaching book that will reveal a world of endless possibilities and help you gradually create a new reality. Nowadays, people tend to have more experiences of stress and frustration, than of comfort and pleasure. Despite the plethora of goods and opportunities, they insist on seeing…
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Our company organizes interactive experiential seminars on several topics concerning both, Corporate and Individual Development in areas like Leadership, Self-Awareness, Motivation & Empowerment, Success Skills, Career, Financial Abundance Mindset, Parenting and other.



Sound file to be used for meditation any time, no matter where you are.


The Power of Affirmations in Changing Our Life

The Power of Affirmations in Changing Our Life

The use of affirmations is an extremely valuable tool to aid you in any life changes you wish to make. The structure and wording used in these statements have been chosen carefully to help you accomplish your aspirations. Every statement is an announcement to yourself, telling you that whatever it is you want is already a reality and puts you in a mental and emotional state that matches your needs. As a result, you are in the position of approaching this desired reality.

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How Does Our Mind Work?

How Does Our Mind Work?

Our brain receives around 40 bits of information per second, through our five senses. If we were trying to perceive them all, we would go crazy. In order for our mind to cope with this massive inflow of information, it uses the subconscious or right hemisphere of the brain, as a filter.

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How to achieve a Breakthrough in every level of your life!

How to achieve a Breakthrough in every level of your life!

If you want to improve your standards, the quality of your life and your success level, the time has come for you to manage your strategies, your focus and interpretation of events and most importantly, your emotional state. One of the biggest challenges that you might face when chasing your dreams is to be able to manage patience and perseverance in a constructive way. Consistent action and hopeful patience are important factors in realizing your vision – as that process might be an intense one.

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On my path of personal evolvement, you are guide and fellow traveler. You are an inspired person with faith in creation-evolution. Enlightened and multi-talented. Thank you for your valuable presence in my life. Thank you for the guidance.

Business man, 50 years old
Finding myself in continuous introspection, reading anything relative to psychology, anxiety, internal strength, children upbringing, successful and balanced life, I realized that I had unmet needs. Having as objective to become a better mother, a more successful professional and, above all, a ha...

Business executive, 41 years old


Nicole Mantzikopoulou

Our vision is to contribute in our own unique way and methodology to increase the levels of success and happiness around the world.

A highly successful businessperson, with more than 24 years’ experience, working in big multinational companies, in very high profile positions and global scope responsibilities. She is reckoned for designing and implementing successful strategies, turning around businesses and leading organizations to growth. During these years, she has had the opportunity to meet hundreds of people, most of them leading demanding careers, overstressed, overworked and with no connection to their true life desires and goals.

Stemming from her own need for self-discovery, peace of mind, gratification and joy, Nicole decided to put her talent to help people set their own strategies for successful living.

Today she is a certified Master Coach in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy & Hypnosis, A Quantum Success Coaching Academy Certified Law of Attraction Coach, Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner, Member of The International Coaching Federation (ICF), Co-founder of the ΙCF Greek Chapter, Teaching Partner with The American College of Athens for its Adults Education Program and Volunteer Coach at Orange Grove, Holland’s Embassy initiative to support New Businesses in Greece.


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